In this article, I will show you how to take a train and bus from Suvarnabhumi airport to MALEE’S HOME along with examples. In addition, I recommend this way to the following cases.

  • Save money even a little
  • Prefer the train better than the car
  • While watching the cityscape slowly
  • No traffic jam

Also, I will list demerits as well as recommendation.

  • It takes time anyway
  • It’s hard if you have large baggages
  • If you are 2-3 person, the cost per person is not much different from taxis

I will tell you from the beginning, taking taxi is much easier. And the taxi fee in Thailand is not expensive.

■ Train Station at Suvarnabhumi Airport

The arrival floor will be on the 2nd floor. The entrance of the train named “Airport Rail Link” will be underground, let’s go down to the basement.

This way is entrance of “Airport Rail Link”.

To buy a ticket with a vending machine. The destination is [Phaya Thai].

Ticket is coin type like this.

Touch the yellow part of the gate to go platform.

It is crowded depending on the time, if you have lots of luggage, if you feel tired, you may want to sit on the next train.

※ “Airport Rail link” opening hours are from 6 am until midnight.
※ There is no timetable, the train will arrive at approximately every 10 minutes.

■ Connection at Phaya Thai

Arrived to [Phaya Thai] in 28 min. [Phaya Thai] is the end of the line, there is only one exit so you will not get lost.

Anyway, you will go to this “BTS”. BTS means the skytrain running in Bangkok.

To buy ticket again at the vending machine. Now, you are N2 of [Phaya Thai]. The destination is S3 of [Chong Nonsi], so it’s 33 baht. To press 33 and put 33 baht on the vending machine.

There are two platforms, and to take this platform 1 [Samrong].

As you can see in the picture, the first train at [Phaya Thai] station will be at 5:25 and the last train will be at 0:24. There is no timetable for “BTS”, it is likely to come around every 10 minutes. Go to [Siam] Station 2 stops from here.

■ Connection at Siam

Arrived [Siam] in 5 min. When you get off [Siam] Station, just take the train opposite the same platform. Platform No.3 to [Bang Wa]. Go to [Chong Nonsi] station, it’s just 2 stops.

■ Connection at Chong Nonsi

Arrived to [Chong Nonsi] in 6 min.

Next, go to [BRT] what is bus station.

Go to the exit 5.

You walk a bit then, it will be the plaza and you can see some people are taking a pictures. This is the business district [Sathorn Road] which is also the biggest business road in Bangkok. The area around here is a place often used for filming dramas and others.

Passing this plaza will be the entrance to the [BRT].

Get a ticket at a vending machine, passed through the gate, and go down escalator.

The platform is on the left side.

It’s the [Sathorn] station here, and go to the [Technic Krungthep] station two stops ahead.

※ The bus is coming approximately every 15 minutes.




Arrived to [Technic Krungthep] in 2 min. Once you get off [Technic Krungthep] Station you will see an up escalator. Go to the right after through the ticket gate.

Go down stares on the right side at the end.

Walk the wall on which the picture is drawn on your left hand and go forward for about 1 minute.

Then you can see the alley that enters to the left. It is front of the gas station.

This alley is called “Narathiwat soi 14”. [Narathiwat] is the name of this road. “Soi” is the meaning of the alley. The taxi driver is usually thinking the destination by this Soi number and the road. So,

Narathiwat Soi 14

It may be useful later if you remember this.

When you walk straight ahead, you can see 7-eleven on the right. The end that left direction at this crossroads is MALEE’S OFFICE. Since this time it is headed for MALEE’S HOME, this crossroad is also keep go straight.

Turn left at the next crossroads at 7-eleven.

Then, there is another 7-eleven. Passing through 7-eleven,,

Looking to the right, turn right at this sign.

Turn left at the end.

The first turn, turn right.

Then you arrived to the MALEE’S HOME, which is visible on the left side, THE ROCCO apartment.



■ Summary

I always use a taxi, so, I felt it was hard for me again by train and bus. I added a comparison with case of taxi below, so please refer to it 🙂


Departure at the Suvarnabhumi airport: 12:25
Arrival to MALEE’S HOME: 14:34
Total: 2 hours 9 min

Suvarnabhumi airport to Phaya Thai (Airport Rail Link): DEP12:38-ARR13:06
Phaya Thai to Siam (BTS): DEP13:33-ARR13:38
Siam to Chong Nonsi (BTS): DEP13:42-ARR13:48
Sathorn to Technic Krungthep (BRT): DEP14:14-ARR14:16
Technic Krungthep (Walk): DEP14:16-ARR14:34


Suvarnabhumi airport to Phaya Thai (Airport Rail Link): 45 baht
Phaya Thai to Siam (BTS): 33 baht
Sathorn to Technic Krungthep (BRT): 15 baht
Total: 93 baht

Please refer to AIRPORT ACCESS.


If you take a taxi…

Fee: 350–400 Baht (including highway fee)
Time: 30-40 min usually

Please refer to TAXI CARD.

We have airport taxi service as well 🙂