Songkran is the Thai New Year’s festival. It’s also famous as water festival hold on April 13th to 15th every year.

Songkran (Thailand) – Wikipedia

■ 3 big hot spots for Songkran water festival!


1. Silom

Silom Rd. is the hot spot as Songkran festival for long time. The nearist spot from MALEE’S HOME as well 🙂


2. Khaosan

Khaosan street where a lot of backpackers coming from all over the world, this spot is also hot like battle field for water festival.


3. RCA *this spot for night time

RCA is the most big and famous night club area in Thailand. 30,000 people per day coming this area especially for Thai young people. Just try this area if you want crazy party night with Songkran festival.

■ Overview

Please be careful following points for happy Songkran 🙂

  1. Be careful not to get your mobile phone, camera, wallet and so on wet
  2. Be careful of pickpockets
  3. Don’t get angry if some people paint white powder on your face, that is Songkran
  4. Don’t get angry if you got splashed cold water with ice and painful, that is Songkran
  5. Be careful for Thai young people. There is some crazy people especially for young generation in everywhere in the world, it’s same as in Thailand. This is especially for RCA
  6. Basically, you can splash water for everybody however, don’t splash water for the police and monk

Good luck for your happy Songran water festival!