As I said about Phuket, it’s the same in Chiang Mai,

Rental motorbike

One of important hint to enjoy in Phuket

■ Where can I rental it?

In this case, I will say it when take a bus go to Chiang Mai. You will arrive to Bus Terminal 3 in Chiang Mai from Bangkok by bus.

You can see the hotel in rotaly

named DIAMOND GRAND. I recommend rental motorbike shop

named BIKKY where is few next shops as right direction from DIAMOND GRAND.

It’s a clean in the shop and organized, also the service of staff is very nice as well. The rental fee is reasonable 300 baht start.

Shop open is from 6 to 20.

■ Petit Point

It takes time about 9 hours and half from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, it recommends the bus after 8 PM in Bangkok. I took the bus after 7 PM in Bangkok so, I arrived 4:30 AM and I have to wait it until 6 AM to open the shop.

This is just for your information, there is rental motorbike shop next to this BIKKY. I don’t recommend this rental shop because of staff service is not good.

This is my rental motorbike on this time, 300 baht.

■ Caution

This is different point from Phuket,

Thai police.

There is police checkpoint in Chiang Mai. I saw the tourist is caught in that day. It’s better to take international drivers license in advance.

It will be valuable to take it if travel to Thailand.