In this article, I will show you how to go back to Bangkok from Phuket by bus with examples.

■ The Bus Terminal in Phuket

There is 2 bus terminals in Phuket.

1. Bus Terminal 1
2. Bus Terminal 2

The Bus Terminal 1 is for short distance such an airport, Phang Nga, and Surat Thani. The Bus Terminal 2 is for long distance such a Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. The bus go back to Bangkok is left at The Bus Terminal 2.

■ How to go to The Bus Terminal 2

The Bus Terminal 2 is located about 5 km north from Phuket Town.

■ Arrive to The Bus Terminal 2

Buy ticket at the ticket counter.

It was 587 baht at 17:30 on this time.

■ If you arrive early…

There is restaurant, cafe in The Bus Terminal 2.

We can use WiFi at the cafe 🙂

■ To the bus station

Looking for my bus stop go to Phuket. On this time, our bus is departure at 17:30 however, it’s already bus was coming at 17:05. The bus left at 17:35 in Phuket.

■ Break time

It’s break time! We arrived to rest station at 21:26. Break time was 20 min.

There is including meals it depends on the bus company.

■ Arrival to Bangkok Sai Tai Mai

Finally, we arrived to Bangkok at 6:38. It was 13 hours and 3 min.

It seems that bus go to North Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) after Sai Tai Mai. Be careful Sai Tai Mai is not terminal station.

It was 231 baht from Sai Tai Mai to MALEE’S HOME by taxi with bit a traffic jam.


■ Overview

■ Phuket to Bangkok (Sai Tai Mai)
Departure: 1735
Arrival: 0638 (+1)
Time: 13 hours and 3 min
Transportation: bus
Taxi fee: 587 baht

■ Sai Tai Mai to MALEE’S HOME
Departure: 0650
Arrival: 0758
Time: 1 hour and 8 min
Transportation: taxi
Bus fee: 231 baht