You have to do something when you arrive to Phuket. It is point to enjoy in Phuket that is important hint. That is

Rental a motorcycle


■ Why motorcycle is must item?

Phuket is large. Phuket is island but it’s not small. Phuket is largest island in Thailand and this island is one of province of Thailand. That is, it’s not able to move anywhere by walk in Phuket.

You can go traveling anywhere in Phuket if you rental a motorcycle.

■ The other transportation

I will show you the other transportation in Phuket then you will agree how much useful to rental motorcycle in Phuket.

★ Taxi

This is taxi rates at Bus Terminal 2 in Phuket. It seems expensive considering Thai prices however it’s not like this, that much far.

★ Motorcycle Taxi

This is motorcycle taxi rates at Bus Terminal 2 in Phuket.

★ Songthaew

Songthaew is cheap. For example, it’s just 15 baht go to Phuket town from the Bus Terminal 2 by songthaew. So, some tourist take this songthaew but it will inconvenience later if you take it songthaew.

This is a scene that we often see in Phuket.

Tourists is walking to move under the blazing sun.

Songthaew is not everywhere. It is same as taxi. There is a shuttle bus to the beach at the hotel maybe, but when you want to eat out, when you want to shop, when you want to go to another tourist spot, you need to find a songthaew, taxi, or any transportation for moving. You must to walk if you can not find it. Again, I tell you Phuket is large, it’s not small island.

■ Why you should rental a motorcycle when you arrive to Phuket

It’s not smart if you think to rental a motorcycle later when you really need it. As you know, you have to return the motorcycle to the shop if you rental it. So, if you rental a motorcycle, it’s smart to rental it at bus terminal or the airport when you arrive to Phuket.

■ Rental a motorcycle

Well, I will show you rental motorcycle shop at front of the Bus Terminal 2 in Phuket on this time.

There is the shop for rental motorcycle at opposite of the road out of the bus terminal.

It’s 250 baht for 24 hours. It’s not necessary international driver license to rent however, you have to leave your passport.

■ Caution

Be careful to drive it !!! You must to take all of responsibility if you have traffic accident or lost it.
Be careful for sunburn !!! It’s hot in Phuket through the year.