In this article, I will show you how to go back to Bangkok from Chiang Mai by bus with examples.

■ Bus Terminals in Chiang Mai

There are 3 bus terminals in Chiang Mai.

1. Bus Terminal 1 *Chang Phuak
2. Bus Terminal 2 *Old Arcade
3. Bus Terminal 3 *New Arcade

Bus Terminal 1 is the bus around Chiang Mai that is important transportation for local Thai people.

Bus Terminal 2 is the bus to northeast direction.

Bus Terminal 3 is the bus long distance such a Bangkok, Phuket, and so on. This bus terminal for the bus to Bangkok.

■ How to go to the Bus Terminal 3 in Chiang Mai

Bus Terminal 3 is Northeast about 3 km from the Old City.

■ After arrival to the Bus Terminal 3

To buy the ticket at the ticket counter. This bus company “SOMBAT TOUR” is popular by local Thai people.

It was 759 baht and departure at 7 pm on this time.

■ At the Bus Stop

Bus was coming 6:56 pm and left 7:05 pm in Chiang Mai.

■ Arrival to Mo Chit in Bangkok

Arrived to Bangkok at 5:06 am. It took 10 hours and 1 min from Chiang Mai.

Well, there is transportation only taxi, so a lot of people at the taxi stop. I recommend to take a taxi at outside of bus terminal, it’s not taxi stop. It’s not far, just 1 min from the taxi stop.

It’s easy to take a taxi there.

It was 147 baht by taxi to Silom area.


■ Chiang Mai to Mo Chit in Bangkok
Departure: 19:05
Arrival: 05:06 (+1)
Time: 10 hours 1 min
Transportation: bus
Bus fee: 759 Baht

■ Mo Chit to Silom
Departure: 05:12
Arrival: 05:40
Time: 28 min
Transportation: taxi
Taxi fee: 147 Baht