The concept is “to do nothing” through the homestay at Akha hill tribe village.

In this listing, you can stay in a mountainous ethnic village located in the mountains of Chiang Rai. It is the home of mine, MALEE, the village chief’s daughter you will actually stay. Please enjoy and experience the lives of hill tribe in the mountains without electricity, mobile radio waves do not reach, English and even Thai language does not communicate.

I’m sure you can experience and find out something 🙂



– who wants experience hill tribe life
– who wants meditation
– who wants find out something in life
– who wants escape from daily stressful reality
– who wants apply himself for reading
– who wants refresh, anyway
– who wants special experience in Thailand



– There is no electric facilities
– There is no Internet facility
– There is no radio wave of mobile phone
– English, and Thai language can not be communicated (language is only for Akha)
– Shower is not hot water (especially in the winter please be careful, Akha people usually take a shower during the day)
– One motorbike can be used, but only inside of mountain. (Chiang Rai town can not be used)

*MALEE’S HOME is operated because all guests can experience the lives of hill tribe Akha as it is



MALEE’S HOME, an accommodation facility, is located deep in the mountains where is even Thai people in Chiang Rai never come. The living of hill tribe without electricity is not necessarily comfortable. Those who are looking for luxury or comfortable accommodation should not make a reservation, please. Because it’s really SPECIAL EXPERIENCE 🙂


Spaces for the guest

MALEE’S HOME CHIANG RAI is located in a prime location, a scenic hill among villages. Mainly the following spaces are available.

1. Bedroom (exclusive use)
A private room with a key lock. It is a simple and tiny room. It is a mattress of Queen size.

2. Terrace (shared)
Covered terrace. Please use for breakfast and afternoon tea, rain lodge in rainy weather.

3. Relax house (exclusive use)
A dedicated relaxing space of a remote hut built on the slope. It is the most recommended space in MALEE’S HOME. Please spend your stress-free time as you like in nature that was shut out from the human world such as meditation, reading, relaxation, and meals.

4. Kitchen (shared)
The kitchen is open. Basically we prepare Akha cuisine for 3 meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but if you are tired of Akha cuisine, you can cook yourself. In that case, please tell the villagers.

5. Toilet & shower (shared)
The shower will be just a water (no hot shower). Especially it’s cold in winter season, so Akha villagers usually take a shower in the daytime. Please try to learn about the Akha living. Toilet for guests has toilet seat and toilet paper 😉 However, the villagers are rinsing without using toilet paper, if you are interested in their style you can try it! 😉

6. Camp fire (shared)
You can enjoy a campfire at the night. In the mountains in the night, it is perfect for surpassing coldness as it will be dark.

7. Field (shared)
You can help villagers in field work if you want. It would be a valuable experience to have your own Akha’s vegetables for dinner. Please also tell the staff if you are also requested.

8. Motorbike (exclusive use)
You can use one motorcycle for free. There are private shops with neighboring villagers and foodstuffs so it is convenient. Also, we recommend petit camping near the river.