There are some different bus companies between Bangkok and Phuket.

It depends on bus companies, it’s said good bus and bad bus by Thai people.

What is bad bus? That is the water leaked from the air conditioner, the seats are too much old and broken, and so on. [Bangkok-Phuket] takes 12 hours by bus. Let’s choose a comfortable bus!

β–  Basic technique

This is not only Phuket, let’s postpone it if they call you loudly over the counter.

Like this.

They are calling loudly because of no customer. Why? Because of bad reputation by Thai people. The tourist don’t know the reputation of the bus however, Thai people is also take a bus regularly. Therefore, it tends to be sold out from reputable bus ticket.

Of course, it’s not every time, it’s just tend. Please don’t too much serious about it πŸ™‚

β–  Reputable bus company

The reputable bus company between Bangkok and Phuket by Thai people is “Bo Kho So 999”.
*Be careful it’s in the case of between Bangkok and Phuket. Bo Kho So 999 is not so reputable between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Probably, they don’t understand your pronunciation so, please show following picture.

Then, the people tell you where is this ticket counter.

β–  The bus of Bo Kho So 999

We will show you the bus of Bo Kho So 999 from Phuket to Bangkok, we got it.

Beautiful πŸ™‚

It’s a clean inside as well πŸ™‚

As you see the picture, it’s comfortable πŸ™‚

Amazing! This chair have massage service! πŸ™‚

You can use USB πŸ™‚

β–  Overview

It tends to be sold out from reputable bus ticket. I recommend you buy the ticket early. You can buy it in advance as well πŸ™‚