In this article, I will show you how to go to Chiang Mai from MALEE’S HOME by bus with examples.

■ Bus Terminal in Bangkok

There is 3 bus terminals in Bangkok.

  1. Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit)
  2. Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai)
  3. Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)

It’s the best to take a bus go to Chiang Mai at No.1 of Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) as you see above map.

■ How to go to Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit)

There is not BTS and MRT around Northern Bus Terminal so, to go there by taxi.

Please show following Thai word to your taxi driver if you can not explain it.


On this time, I can go there from Silom area 25 min and 155 baht (separately 50 baht for highway fee).

I left Silom area 18:00 and arrived to the bus terminal at 18:23, there was not traffic jam because of Thai holiday on this time. Usually, it’s big traffic jam 17:00 – 19:00 in Bangkok, so please be careful about that. It’s much better to go there before traffic jam time.


■ In the Northern Bus Terminal

There is ticket counter at outside on the grand floor.

They said there is 4 bus company go to Chiang Mai, I bought the ticket VIP of Sombat Tour that is popular by Thai people.

It’s 759 baht for VIP.

■ If you arrive early…

You can relax at massage shop… I want to say like this

However, this Northern Bus Terminal is many people usually…

■ To the bus station

There is bus station behind of main lobby, you can go there just go straight from main entrance. On this time, our bus is departure at 19:05

but the bus is already coming up at 18:45.

It’s great wide space, that is VIP!

There is monitor every seat and can be watched the movie, also there is USB so can be charged mobile phone or something.

The bus left Bangkok at 19:09.

■ Arrive to Chiang Mai!

The bus was stopped for break time 20 min and arrived to Chiang Mai at 4:25 am. It took 9 hours and 16 min.

There is also 3 bus terminals in Chiang Mai. The bus from Bangkok arrive to Bus Terminal 3.

Bus Terminal 3 is located 15 min by car North East from Old City, it’s not so far to Old City in Chiang Mai.

■ Overview

■ MALEE’S HOME to Northern Bus Terminal
Departure: 1800
Arrival: 1823
Time: 23 min
Transportation: taxi
Taxi fee: 155 baht + highway fee 50 baht

■ Northern Bus Terminal to Chiang Mai (Bus Terminal 3)
Departure: 1909
Arrival: 0425 (+1)
Time: 9 hours 16 min
Transportation: bus
Taxi fee: 759 baht