1. The typhoon No. 1 (PABUK) is expected to land on Nakhon Si Thammarat in southern Thailand on the evening of January 4 (Friday).
2. Please strive to obtain the latest weather information and take appropriate safety measures.

According to Thai Meteorological Agency, etc. Typhoon No. 1 (PABUK) landed at Nakhon Si Thammarat in the southern part of Thailand on the evening of January 4 (Friday), bringing concentrated torrential rains over a wide range of areas, mainly in Thailand’s East Coast There is a possibility. It is concerned that it will affect islands such as Phuket Island, Koh Samui, Tao Island, Koh Phangan and others popular for tourists.
For those of you who are staying in areas where the typhoon is expected to approach, do not go out and go out and stay in the area Please be careful not to suffer the damage of accidents and accidents, such as considering change of schedule, route, visiting destination etc. as necessary.