Q. Should it be better to clarify the display of the location a little more? The taxi driver had trouble to find it and did not know much English, he came out of his taxi two times and asked local people about location of MALEE’S HOME.

A. That is Thailand 🙂 Thai people do not have a culture to see the map, most of Thai people can’t understand to see the map, so unless the destination is not a famous place, taxi driver usually go to the destination while asking to local people. Yes, it’s like adventure 🙂 This is not only MALEE’S HOME, it is the same anywhere in Thailand. Based on that, the following TAXI CARD is the most smooth coming.



Please show this TAXI CARD to the taxi driver. In Thai language, it is a simple map, and this is the most smooth, I think. In addition, please also refer to TAXI CARD also because it is informative direction in Thai as well.


Q. Can we be able to have a better price for the said apartment?

A. No, it’s already our best price.


Q. Where is nearest MRT station?

A. The nearest MRT station is “Silom”. You can check it number 15 at [Guide Book 2].


Q. Where can I change money around here?

A. The nearest good exchange shop is “SUPER RICH”. You can check it number 10 at [Guide Book 2].


Q. How much to get to airport?

A. Please see the page of AIRPORT ACCESS.


Q. Do you have a bathroom for taking shower?

A. Yes,we have bathroom for taking shower with hot water however, we don’t have a bath tub.


Q. Is there any air conditioner?

A. Yes, there is.


Q. Do we have to share room with others?

A. No, it’s no share room and no others, it’s a private room.


Q. Could you give me GPS location of your home?

A. Our GPS location is here: 13.708447, 100.529576


Q. Do you have car parking?

A. No, we don’t have.



Q. Is that center place in Bangkok?

A. Yes, It’s one of center area named Sathon. It seems some people think around Grand Palace is center in Bangkok… however, I don’t think so… anyway, MALEE’S HOME is not Grand Palace area. Please see the GUIDE BOOK for the map in Bangkok.


Q. How’s the transportation?

A. Like this 🙂

5 min to BRT Technic Krungthep station by bicycle
10 min to BTS Chong Nonsi station by bicycle
10 min to Sathon Rd. by bicycle
15 min to Silom Rd. by bicycle
10 min to Patpong Night Market by taxi

Q. How far from the airport to your apartment?

A. Please see the page of AIRPORT ACCESS.


Q. Can you please send me the specific address? So that I can tell the taxi driver.

A. Please see the page of TAXI CARD.


Q. How much the taxi cost from airport to your home?

A. it costs about 400 baht normally. Please see the page of AIRPORT ACCESS.


Q. What time we can check-in?

A. Anytime after 3 pm 🙂


Q. I will arrive there in the morning. Can I leave my luggage before check-in?

A. Yes, sure.


Q. Does it locate at inner street?

A. Yes, it’s located at inner street.


Q. Isn’t there noisy place? I’m thinking will it be too noisy can’t let me sleep.

A. Basically, MALEE’S HOME located quite area because it’s located inner street. However, it’s located in local area, this mean, Thai local people live there. Some guests said about noise from them that is sounds of Tuk Tuk or motorbike. Please find the other accommodations if you are really serious about noisy.


Q. Please tell me your address in English. Because I need to fill a form and one of the field need an address of my stay place in Thailand.

A. Yes, our address in English is

297, Soi Chan 18/7 Yaek 8, Thanon Chan,
Khweng Thung Wat Don, Khet Sathon,
Bangkok 10120 Thailand


Q. The tire of bicycle doesn’t have enough air in it.

A. Any problem about bicycles, please go to bicycle shop.

He is bicycle shop owner!

Q. Can I borrow the kettle, please?

A. Yes, we will bring kettle to you. One thing, please do not make noodle in the kettle. We have been broken 2 kettles before by cooking noodle, so please!


Q. How to work washing machine? It’s not working…

A. Washing machine and dry machine can be used only 10 baht coin. Washing machine is 40 baht (10 baht x 4 coins), and dry machine is 1 baht per 1 min, so, minimum is 10 min(10 baht x 1 coin) 🙂


You can ask us anything while your staying, anytime 🙂
It’s like a hotel concierge service from our warm hospitality.