We have Airport Taxi Service!
How do you know how much the taxi fee is correct from the airport to MALEE’S HOME?
Do you think Thai taxi driver knows way to MALEE’S HOME?
Do you think Thai taxi driver can understand from the map or correct address?
Do you think Thai taxi drivers, all of them are safety?
Unfortunately, there is no culture to see the map in Thailand.
So, how do they go to their destination?
They will ask to local people, ask, ask, and ask again.
Naturally, you must take responsibility with the meter fee while they are lost.
I heard 1,000 baht that is including airport service fee, also my friend paid 1,600 baht…
They want to get more money (rip-off) from the tourist, unfortunately this is also Thailand…
I tell you proper taxi meter price from the airport to MALEE’S HOME that is 350-400 baht including highway fee usually.
Well, our Airport Taxi Service is just 600 baht from Suvarnabhumi Airport including highway fee.
Taxi driver named “Mr. Siam” is my best friend.
Normally, Thai people is really lazy about a time however he is not like Thai!
He is never delayed and he will be waiting for you before on time 🙂
Please let me know if you want this Airport Taxi Service by Mr. Siam.
I will let him pick you up at the airport that is safety, on time, and correct taxi fee 🙂
★ Suvarnabhumi International Airport
PRICE: 600 Baht
 Don Mueang International Airport
PRICE: 600 Baht

* Both are including highway fee, parking fee, and everything.



MALEE’S TAXI, that is optional service to charter a taxi for you.
The taxi driver “Mr. SIAM” who is my good friend through long time.
He has never been delay, to drive safety, and he is mild 🙂
You must to know some taxi driver in Thailand, somebody take a drug, even if it is not the case their driving is not safety, often delay, or maybe rip-off.
So, I’d like to recommend him if you want to take a taxi to somewhere around Bangkok. I’m 100% sure, it is smart way 🙂
*Would might be his colleagues coming if he is busy, however, don’t worry about that because his colleagues are also nice like him.
Also the price, he can offer to the guest of MALEE’S HOME as a special price!
MALEE’S TAXI is about the half price of market tour price. 
*Instead MALEE’S TAXI is no guide, no meal, and no entrance fee. it’s just “transit taxi service” 🙂
Of course, MALEE’S TAXI is door to door, I mean, he will come to pick you up at MALEE’S HOME, and take you back to MALEE’S HOME, or anywhere you want in Bangkok.
Below each prices are total price even including highway fee, it’s not price per person.
Please booking in advance if you want 😉


MODEL PLAN 1: Floating Market / Elephant / Meaklong Railway Market


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market


Damnoen Saduak Elephant Village
*No including elephant fee 600 baht/person


Maeklong Railway Market
Departure: 9:00
Return: 18:00 
 PRICE: 1,700 Baht 


MODEL PLAN 2: Grand Palace / Wat Phra Kaew / Wat Pho / Lunch (opposite of Wat Arun)


Grand Palace
*No including entrance fee 500 baht/person


Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha)


Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)
*No including entrance fee 100 baht/person


Lunch (opposite of Wat Arun)
*No including food fee
Departure: 9:00
Return: 15:00
PRICE: 1,300 Baht 


Khaosan Rd.
Go to Khaosan Rd. after above temples.
This is option if you want 🙂
Return: 18:00
PRICE: 1,600 Baht 


MODEL PLAN 3: Ayutthaya


Ayutthaya Historical Park
Departure: 9:00
Return: 20:00
PRICE: 2,100 Baht 


MODEL PLAN 4: Pattaya (elephant)


*Also, we recommend to go to Pattaya by bus if you want local style 🙂 
Departure: 7:00
Return: 20:00
PRICE: 2,800 Baht 


MODEL PLAN 5: Safari World


*No including entrance fee
Departure: 9:00
Return: 18:00
PRICE: 1,600 Baht 


MODEL PLAN 6: Dream World


*No including entrance fee
Departure: 9:00
Return: 18:00
PRICE: 1,600 Baht 


MODEL PLAN 7: Siam Park


*No including entrance fee
Departure: 9:00
Return: 18:00
PRICE: 1,600 Baht 


MODEL PLAN 8: Kanchanaburi (elephant/waterfall)


The Bridge over the River Kwai
Departure: 6:00
Return: 20:00
PRICE: 3,600 Baht 





Basic Price for Full Day (9:00 – 18:00)
PRICE: 1,800 Baht
Basic Price for Half Day (9:00 – 14:00)
PRICE: 1,300 Baht