Sawadee Kaa ~ ^^

Welcome to Bangkok!!!

I’m Thai (Akha people of hill tribe) from Chiang Rai. My husband is Japanese, so, Japanese guest can contact him by Japanese as well.

My hobby is moviegoing, shopping, and eat Sushi!

MALEE’S HOME is not luxury, it’s a Thai local style room located central of Bangkok (yes! it’s comfortable!) with our warm hospitality.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to enjoy REAL Thai lifestyle and save your money,

The concept of MALEE’S HOME is

“to live in Thailand”.

it will be your best choice! I’m 200% sure kaa ~ 😉

See you soon!



Also, I’m designer and craftsperson of handmade bracelet 🙂

I’ll make it for you as my grateful gift for the guest of MALEE’S HOME.


On the newspaper! ^^

Actually, we make it and export to Japan as original brand products 🙂

Please let me know your favorite color and bracelet size before check-in 😉

 Thank you for your staying at MALEE’S HOME 🙂

How to make a reservation or any contact us,

We use [airbnb]

so, let us know through the airbnb, please m(_ _)m

Thank you,