In this article, I will show you how to enjoy smartly in Pattaya, especially about transportation.

First of all, there are 3 big areas in Pattaya.

1. North Pattaya
2. Central Pattaya
3. South Pattaya

There are 3 roads in each areas and go to Beach Road of “A”.

There is Bus Terminal around entrance of North Pattaya that the bus is arrived from Bangkok.

The hottest spot of Pattaya is named Walking Street that extends south from Beach Road in South Pattaya.
* Walking Street is for the night.

Second Road of “B” is parallel to the Beach Road.

Then, Songthew of pickup track that go round and round in Beach Road of “A” and Second Road of “B” in the direction of the allow. The fee is just 10 baht for anywhere you take it and anywhere get off. That is smart way in Pattaya.

So, it’s nice to book the hotel around this route.

■ If you want to go to another way from the route of Sonthew ?

Today, commodity price in Pattaya is expensive especially taxi fee. There is no meter taxi and compared to meter taxi in Bangkok, it will be 2-5 times.

So, I recommend to take the Grab taxi in Pattaya. Even if you never used a Grab taxi, it is worth just installing it and using it.

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