It was 34,000,000 inbound tourists in Thailand in 2017. It was 10th in the world and No.1 in South East Asia, that is Thailand.

Well, I will tell you the only 2 techniques to enjoy travel in Thailand in a smart way.

■ First, International driver’s license and rental motorbike

To come to the point, it’s so useful to rent a motorbike anywhere in Thailand.

Where do you want to go if you come to travel in Bangkok? Grand Palace? Famous temples? Floating market? Muay Thai? Ayutthaya? Night market shopping?
> As you thinking, you can not go to these spot by walk.

So, tourist how to go there? Normally, they take BTS(sky train) or MRT, or Taxi or tour by agency, something like that. However, these infrastructure is not enough yet in Thailand. For example, you can not go to Grand Palace by BTS nor MRT, and it’s same as anywhere in Thailand.

Then, they will take a taxi, tour by travel agency or something like that however, it will be some of problems if you take them…

1. Time loss
It’s big traffic jam in Bangkok, sometimes too much. You might take 1 hours and more by the car if you go there by motorbike is 10 min. We don’t want to waste of time in our precious time of travel. Time flies when you are in the traffic jam in Bangkok.

2. Rip-off
It’s said there are 2 kind of prices in Thailand. That is, local Thai price and tourist price. For example, entrance fee of Grand Palace is 500 baht for foreigner and free (no charge) for Thai. The other temples, amusement park or aquarium, 300 baht for foreigner and 150 baht for Thai, something like that. Even official place is like this, it’s easy to imagine what’s the result if tourist who can’t speak Thai negotiate to Thai people.

3. Accident
You know it’s worst 2 in the world of traffic fatality rate, that is Thailand. Worst 2 in the all over the world. We can see the traffic accident especially in Bangkok like everyday so, we don’t want to leave our life to Thai people who we don’t know. Mini Van (รถตู้) makes traffic accident often. The other things, we can see the news taxi driver commit a robbery or rape for the tourist sometimes.

4. Hot
It’s hot in Thailand. You have to walk if you take transportation. There is not taxi or Songthaew anywhere, anytime especially in Phuket or another countryside. It’s okay to walk 100 m in the daytime however, it’s hard to walk 500 m in the daytime in Thailand because of hot. It’s so useful to go even short distance each time such a 7-eleven or street food if you take rental motorbike.

It is 1st technique that you get international drives license in advance and rent a motorbike each time, each place. This is so smart and useful, that is make sense as well.

It depends on the rental shop, some of shops are not necessary to need (international) drivers license when you rent it. Because the money is more important for them. The problem is if you are caught by police or if you have traffic accident. It’s low risk in the small island such a Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Koh Lan.. but I don’t recommend to drive it without drivers license in the Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, and of course in Bangkok because of many polices and traffic.

■ Second, MALEE’S HOME is your home

We have rental motorbike in Bangkok.

We have free (no charge) of cloak service.


You can leave your luggage at MALEE’S OFFICE even before check-in or after check-out.

Well, Where do you want to go if you come to travel in Thailand?
It will not be only in Bangkok. It’s waste of opportunity. I think it’s enough 30% of your all of travel schedule at least. It’s enough 20% if you are in journey.

That said, it’s necessary to travel to Thai metropolis Bangkok. So, I recommend to harness the opportunities offered by MALEE’S HOME. Please make MALEE’S HOME is your base in Bangkok and easy to travel various places 🙂

Our guests who checked-out in this morning, they also left their luggage. They said they will go to Mynmar and I asked how many days you travel around in Myanmar. They said “Probably 20 days”. I think that is smart way.

You can leave your luggage at MALEE’S CLOAK anytime even before check-in and after check-out for free.

■ Overview

To rent a motorbike each place, each time. You can drive a motorbike regularly in Thailand if you have international driver license in advance. Again, It’s not waste of time, traffic expense, and fatigue if you take rental motorbike, additionally this mean to escape from several accidents.

You can reorder your luggage and leave unnecessary luggage to MALEE’S CLOAK, and to pack only necessary luggage to your small backpack and then, go to next trip. To make as base in Bangkok and then, go to North in Thailand is Chiang Mai, then, go around islands of South Thailand, and next, go to Angkor Wat…

Don’t you think is that smart way to travel in South East Asia?